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About Us

 Hi, I'm Laura the creator of Very Busy Bag!  

I've worked in the childcare industry for the past 6 years and have been blessed with two beautiful children. I know all about the daily joys and struggles of entertaining children. I get so much pleasure in helping the parents I work with keep their kids entertained, happy and screen free and in turn Very Busy Bag was born.

I'm committed to providing 'take anywhere entertainment' for busy, time poor parents who need to just GRAB & GO!

The Very Busy Bag is a pre-packed bag of fun - full of carefully selected age appropriate activities, toys and games that boys and girls will love!

Take your Very Busy Bag anywhere you need to spend some time!

  • Travelling
  • Hospital Stays
  • Restaurant/cafe
  • Big sibling gifts - for newborn to give his new brother or sister to keep them entertained when mum is with new baby

Laura Natoli